Microfiber Towel Demonstration

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See our microfiber towels in action first hand! Ultra-absorbent cleaning cloths that eliminate lint, streaks and the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. Microfiber is not just for the kitchen; Use it to clean bathrooms, cars & more. Works great for drying your hands or your pets paws. 

Check out our microfiber dishtowels, dishcloths, drying mats and sponge sets.


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Featured above: Plums Microfiber Dishtowel, Leaf Microfiber Dishtowel, Lemons Microfiber Dishtowel, Primary Tonal Stripes Dishtowel Set, Primary Microfiber Sponge Set of 3, Citrus Microfiber Sponge Set, Coral Microfiber Sponge Set, Buttercup Microfiber Sponge Set, Sprout Microfiber Sponge Set, Primary Microfiber Dishtowel Set of 3, Icy Morn Microfiber Dishtowel, Red Gelato Microfiber Dishtowel, and Pistachio Microfiber Dishtowel.

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