24 of the Best Gifts for Minimalists, Because Less Is More

We all know that gift-giving can be a troublesome task, especially when it is a minimalist you’re shopping for.

Although all sorts of things make for good gifts, minimalists have specific preferences. So, if you are worried about what kind of a gift to a minimalist, then here are 24 great ideas for you to choose from:

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One of the things that minimalists love is consumables. The simple reason is that none of the consumables create a lot of clutter for them. Finding a good bundle of chocolates, a bottle of wine, or a box of snacks would help them to appreciate the token of love and care more.
Pro Tip: If you are looking for some great consumables to gift a minimalist, try to consider what kind of things they like before selecting a product.

Kitchen Timers
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You can always bank on something simple and easy to use as a gift for a minimalist. Minimalists love to save space, which is why a cute kitchen timer would make the perfect present for them. As kitchen timers could be put to a variety of uses, a minimalist would love it!
Pro Tip: Make sure that you choose the products they do not have, it does not make sense to gift something the same or similar.
You can buy fun animal kitchen timers from Design Imports right here.

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If you are looking to gift something that is useful and handy, then a notebook is the perfect gift for a minimalist. The thing is, notebooks are always useful (nobody would say no to that!), and these are great gifts, you can never go wrong with them.
You could look for a to-do list kind of a notebook, a simple notebook, or some sustainable type of notebook for them.

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Minimalists love t-shirts. You could look for simple t-shirts, with no embossing or branding. T-shirts with cool slogans or one-liners would work well for them. Furthermore, if you are looking for a gift for a minimalist woman, even then solid-colored shirts work fine for them.
Pro Tip: You need to remember that for women or men, it is important to look for shirts that “say” minimalism in subtle terms, anything flashy or mainstream won’t work for them.

A Kitchen Apron
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When it comes to finding the perfect present for a minimalist, you’d need to be extra careful with what you choose. A cool kitchen apron would help you make the most of the situation.
A colorful or simple kitchen apron is the perfect gift because it can be used for different things and would aid your minimalist friend to avoid stains.
You can buy fun and comfortable kitchen aprons from Design Imports from here.

Ceramic Flower Vase
Flower Vase
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Although minimalists aren’t huge fans of fancy and loud accessories for their homes, a simple vase is something that they would like. With vases, make sure to select the ones that are solid.

LED Digital Clock
LED Clock
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When it comes to finding the right thing for minimalists, nothing works better than something that is compact and easy to travel with. Giving them an LED Digital Clock, which is easy to use would be perfect for somebody who likes to save space.

Affirmation Cards
Affirmation Cards
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Minimalists would love affirmation cards. Affirmation cards bring positivity and joy to the readers. With pretty designs, such cards would help them to feel happy and uplifted.

Wine Racks
Wine Rack
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Another great present for a minimalist is a beautiful wine rack. Most minimalists like to make the most of their spaces and reduce clutter. A wine rack would help them just do that. This minimalist bamboo wine rack is available at Design Imports here.

Wall Art
Wall Art
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Wall art is something that is enjoyed by everyone, be it a minimalist or not. However, for minimalists, you try to find some botanical minimalist wall art or something abstract, depending on their preferences.

Essential Oils
Essential Oils
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Essential oils make for the perfect gift as these help minimalists create a specific environment in their space. Minimalists like to keep their space clean; a box of aromatic essential oils would help them do just that.

Ceramic Bowls
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Another thing that minimalists love is containers. You could find tons of beautiful and multipurpose containers that could be used as gifts. Looking for a non-slip exterior container would be a great plus, as it would provide a lot of ease.
You can find bowls from Design Imports by clicking here.

Spice Rack
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Organizers make for the perfect gifts for minimalists if you are confused as to what to give. Adjustable or solid organizers would help minimalists to keep their things in the order they like. Furthermore, organizers show care and that you want them to have things that they like. Design Imports offers this cute wire spice rack here.

Cool Tables
Side Table
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Anything that adds value to space is a good gift. A cool table would fit right in and help you to show your care to your loved ones. A minimalistic and pretty addition would be surely appreciated.

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Minimalists love to enhance their spaces. Gifting them tapestries could bring a smile to their face. You could find a soft tapestry or find something colorful; the choices are many.

Relaxing Bath Box Set
Bath Set
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If you are confused as to what kind of a gift to give to your minimalist loved one, then a bath box set would work the best for you. A bath box set comes with a lot of bath essentials, which are sustainable and offer value to the minimalists!

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This is one of the easiest things to give as a gift. Once you know a person, you know what they like. You could look at the kind of subscriptions your minimalists love and give them one of those! A subscription helps them to enjoy what they already like, you can never go wrong with that!

USB Laptop Light
Laptop Light
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It always makes sense to give something useful to minimalists. A good USB laptop light for a minimalist would work best. The gift would help them to make use of their laptops even with the lights turned off! There are many options to choose from, like you could get the small ones or the big ones, depending on their needs.

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There’s nothing better than a brain teaser. Looking for a minimalistic designed puzzle would be perfect if nothing else seems to work. From artsy designs to simple brushstroke design, the choices are many.

Adult Coloring Book Set
Coloring Book
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Minimalists love things that are simple and thoughtful. If you are confused and have no answers, then an adult coloring book set would be the best option for you to go with! Coloring books for adults have intricate designs and have a calming effect on the person, which is why it is the best present to give!

Tool Box
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So, this is one of the few less popular present ideas, but a toolbox is exceptionally important. A great toolbox will provide security and the necessary means to deal with many things. As minimalists are fans of useful things, a toolbox would make them happy.

Kitchen Décor
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Kitchen Décor is something that everybody loves. From doormats to wall decor, there’s so much to choose from. The unlimited choices help you find the right choice for a minimalist kitchen! Design Imports offers this great line of farmhouse décor here.

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Rugs are amazing things to give to others, especially to a minimalist. The cozy fuzzy ones, or the chunky jute ones, they’d add to their spaces. As minimalists do not clutter, a rug would help them keep their space clean and spotless.
Buy rugs and mats from Design Imports at great prices by clicking here.

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Ottomans are useful and take up small spaces. A modern ottoman would go well for a minimalist. The useful space inside is good for storing books, magazines, and other important things. Furthermore, these can act as sitting spaces or as footrests or resting places for your pets. There are just many ways to make use of ottomans!

How to choose a gift for a minimalist?
Although the list above is exhaustive, some of you may struggle to find the right present for your loved ones. Here are some pointers to help you make the right decisions:

Buy gifts as per their preferences: Always remember to pick out the presents that you know your loved ones would like. Giving something that won’t be used often or at all would not help anybody. Try to gauge their preferences before you buy something.

Look for what they need: Make it a point to cross-check with the person you’re buying presents for. You should have a look at what is required and what is not. Minimalists do not like everything or anything in abundance, which is why it is always safer to see what they need and then give them the same. If you are giving something like a dress or a diamond ring, make sure you either ask them the size or find out what size they wear.

Color choices matter: No matter what you choose in the end, the color you choose would have an impact. Although most minimalists like black, there are many who like colorful things and choices. So, before you automatically decide to go with something black, remember to think about what kind of color scheme or choices they have going on at their place.

With that said, you can always look for things not on the list. Remember, when you buy a gift for a minimalist, the usefulness of the thing should be kept in mind. Look for things that are compact and easy to add to space. Anything in surplus would probably not sit well with them. A pro tip is to usually go with household items, as they can be utilized easily.

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