How do you DII? State Appliqued Dishtowels by The Kitchen Store

One of our favorite things is seeing how you use DII product in new and creative ways. The Kitchen Store in Arkansas uses DII dishtowels to applique their state in contrasting fabric. Check it out! 

This would be a super cute idea for all states. 

 If you're thinking about using DII dishtowels for your own creative project, we've compiled together some of our favorite designs that would be perfect to use. These embroidery blank dishtowels 


Blueberry Sommerset Stripe DishtowelBlueberry

Tango Red Sommerset Stripe DishtowelTango Red 

Daffodil Sommerset Stripe DishtowelDaffodil 

Grass Green Sommerset Stripe DishtowelGrass Green

Damask Black DishtowelDamask Black

Damask Cerulean DishtowelDamask Cerulean

Damask Cucumber Melon DishtowelDamask Cucumber Melon

Damask Pink Cosmo DishtowelDamask Pink Cosmo

Daffodil Dobby Plaid DishtowelDaffodil Dobby Plaid

Eggplant Window Pane DishtowelEggplant Window Pane

Currant Window Pane DishtowelCurrant Window Pane

Grass Green Dobby Plaid DishtowelGreen Dobby Plaid


Send us pictures of your completed projects and we would love to feature them next! 

- DII Team




Annemarie Kelley

A wonderful job. Super helpful inorimatfon.

Annemarie Kelley

Is that really a DII towel?? Don’t remember them, but could sure put them to use. I’ve been doing Michigan, as well as over 100 other designs for 23 years…

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