Easy 10 Minute DIY Dishtowel Aprons

We stumbled upon a cute and really simple dishtowel apron tutorial on AKA Design and thought we would give it a try with some DII dishtowels! 



• Your favorite dishtowel 

• Coordinating ribbon (85", wider the better)

• Scissors

• Sewing machine 



Step #1. Pick out your favorite dishtowel. We chose to use the following: Black Damask,  Retro Baking and Julep Savory Stripe, but you can view our entire selection HERE or look below to see some of our other favorite possibilities.

 Damask Black Dishtowel

Black Damask

Retro Baking Printed Dishtowels

Retro Baking

Julep Savory Stripe Dishtowel

Julep Savory Stripe

Home Tweet Home Printed Dishtowels

Home Tweet Home

Mom's Meaning Printed Dishtowel

Mom's Meaning

Macaroons Dishtowels - Set of 2


High Tea Printed Dishtowels

 High Tea

Blue Gingham Vintage Fruit Print Dishtowel

Blue Vintage Fruit

Buon Appetito Printed Dishtowels

Buon Appetito




Step #2. Wash & iron your dishtowel to get rid of all the wrinkles. Hold it up to your waist choosing your preferred length and cut the undesired top half off.




Step #3. Secure your ribbon  by sewing it in place (fold over the top half of cut dishtowel, pin ribbon in place, and sew across).


...and you're done! How simple is that! Quick and easy gift for a friend, housewarming party, bridal shower or for yourself! 

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