Exclusive Sneak Peak into 2016 / Interview with our Senior Designer on Upcoming Trends

Exclusive Sneak Peak into 2016 / Interview with our Senior Designer on Upcoming Trends

Can you believe 2015 is already coming to a close? It's almost a new year which means it's time to take a closer look at new and upcoming trends. We sat down with our Senior Designer, AnnMarie Barros, and came up with several Q & A's that dig deeper into understanding the process of trend spotting and in turn, designing new DII collections. 

 1. In what ways do you see holiday styles evolving? What has been the biggest change in the last few years? 

People want their product to say something. In the past, the focus of a spread would be on the motifs and colors. Now, typography is so big that it has a strong influence on a collection’s overall design. Not only are sayings and phrases incorporated into a motif, but a print can now be made up entirely of words.

 With technology being so prevalent as well as people’s ability to communicate and put out what they want to say on a daily basis, they want this in their product too. Our best selling items always seem to be products that have a little personality to them.

 2. What would you say is the “up and coming” motif for 2016?

It’s all about how a motif is presented. It it’s presented in a unique and charming way, people will gravitate towards it. For fall, autumn leaves, acorns and pumpkins. For the holidays, taking classic motifs and turning them into something new and original. Woodland creatures and owls continue to be big sellers. Whimsical and charming motifs always do really well.

 3. What colorways do you think will be big for 2016?

Neutrals and warm tones with just a hint of grey. Neutrals used to be depicted as rustic or décor for a farmhouse, but they have now evolved into more everyday decorating and home décor styles.

 4. Where do you draw inspiration and influence from for your selection of themes for 2016?

Not just one specific place…lifestyle blogs, home décor magazines and influencers. We draw a lot of our inspiration from our own past collections. Looking at what worked and what didn’t. Taking our successes and mistakes and rebuilding a collection that is consistent, yet fresh.

 Take a sneak peak into Fall/Holiday '16...



Annemarie Kelley

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