New Atlanta Showroom Location!

We are delighted to announce our permanent relocation of the Altanta Showroom to join Ivystone in Building 2, Suite 1101!

Having established a longstanding partnership with Ivystone, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to occupy such a remarkable space within their Atlanta Showroom. 

Our extensive range of Everyday, Spring & Summer, and Fall & Holiday products will remain accessible in Atlanta, with our dedicated Sales Teams now stationed in the Ivystone Showroom to showcase our latest product launches. 

As we approach Summer Markets, our teams are eagerly preparing to showcase the array of new and exciting products we have in store for you!

Still deciding on visit us at Summer Market? Shopping tradeshows has many perks, like exclusive in showroom deals, one on one interaction with expert product manufacturers, and more! In case you aren't sold yet, here are three reasons you should visit DII at market this summer. 


1. Be among the first to see new product releases and trends!

Market is when all vendors are showcasing their new items, and presenting their product line at its absolute best. Seeing products in person gives a greater sense of how they would fit within your store. You’ll also get to see what motifs, colors, and categories are trending and might discover a new line or collection for your customers.


2. Be Inspired!

Get great ideas – these can be product ideas, new merchandising methods, marketing programs, etc. Seeing the products laid out in front of you will help you cultivate new creativity when it comes to selling the products.


3. Connect!


Network with other retailers, meet new vendors and reunite with longstanding business partners. The gift industry is so fun to be a part of, and we are always learning from our peers!


We hope to see you at market this summer! Check out our summer market schedule here.


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